The original Nortok E-SCOOTER N6 with 6.5" wheels is an intuitive, technologically advanced solution that provides the user personal transportation based on dynamic balancing principles calculating the user’s center of gravity using gyroscope and acceleration sensors. Using the latest technology and production processes, each scooter undergoes strict testing for quality and durability.

Safety System

Our engineers are worked diligently to increase safety software Ver.3.0 and stability of the Nortok E-SCOOTER N6.

How the Nortok E-SCOOTER N6 Works

The Nortok E-SCOOTER N6 uses digital gyroscope modules and acceleration sensors to calculate the user’s center of gravity and move the device accordingly. The Nortok E-SCOOTER N6 can move forwards, backwards, turn in either direction or turn in place.

The compact footprint and zero degree turning radius allow you to enjoy your scooter both indoors and outdoors.

Nortok E-SCOOTER N6 Components

  1. Fender
  2. Footprint & Acceleration Sensors
  3. Displays
  4. Engine & Tire
  5. LED lights
  6. Bottom cover

Motor Wheels

New high power, efficient and energy saving motor with thermal stability. Lets you control Nortok E-SCOOTER N6 wheel very easy, realize your action quickly and high response.


  1. Max. speed: 10 km/h
  2. Range: 5-8 km
  3. Battery type: Lithium battery
  4. Battery voltage: 36V
  5. Charging time: 2-3 h
  6. Tire size: 6.5"
  7. Size: 60.4 x 18.6 x 17.8 cm
  8. Weight: 8.7 kg

Declaration of conformity

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